caption pages

Use a table for best results

If this book were a law-school class, refor­mat­ting a cap­tion page could be the final exam. Cap­tion pages pack a lot of typo­graphic issues into a small area. How many can you spot?

Recall the sec­ond maxim of page layout — divide the page into fore­ground and back­ground. The ver­ti­cal rules on a cap­tion page should seem like part of the back­ground—they should not be darker or more promi­nent than the body text in the fore­ground. Remov­ing unnec­es­sary rules will make the body text area feel less cramped. Use as few as pos­si­ble. In this revised ver­sion, I removed the ver­ti­cal rule on the right and one on the left. I made the remain­ing rule thin­ner and moved it away from the text.

Court fil­ings have ugly typog­ra­phy as a mat­ter of habit, not require­ment. Court rules can be strict, but there’s still plenty of room for good typog­ra­phy (see how to interpret court rules).