line numbers

Exact line spacing is the key

If you prac­tice in a juris­dic­tion that requires court fil­ings with line num­bers, you’ve faced the vex­ing prob­lem of keep­ing the line num­bers ver­ti­cally aligned with the text. Look­ing at court opinions, even judges are often defeated by this for­mat­ting task.

But the secret is sim­ple: use exact line spacing with the line num­bers and the body text.

For exam­ple, Cal­i­for­nia state courts require fil­ings to use dou­ble line spac­ing (which works out to 28 lines per page), 12-point type, and line num­bers in the left mar­gin. I’ll use this as a basic model and you can adapt it to the rules in your juris­dic­tion.