typewriter habits

I’ve claimed through­out this book that many bad typog­ra­phy habits have been left over from the type­writer era. Here, I’ve col­lected them in one list. (Reminder—these are things you should not do.)

  1. Straight quotes rather than curly quotes (see straight and curly quotes).

  2. Two spaces rather than one space between sentences.

  3. Mul­ti­ple hyphens instead of dashes (see hyphens and dashes).

  4. Alpha­betic approx­i­ma­tions of trademark and copyright symbols.

  5. ellipses made with three peri­ods rather than an ellip­sis char­ac­ter.

  6. Non-curly apostrophes.

  7. Pre­tend­ing that accented characters don’t exist.

  8. Using more than one word space at a time.

  9. Using tabs and tab stops instead of tables.

  10. Using carriage returns to insert ver­ti­cal space.

  11. Using alpha­betic char­ac­ters as sub­sti­tutes for real math symbols.

  12. Mak­ing rules and borders out of repeated alpha­betic char­ac­ters.

  13. Ignor­ing ligatures.

  14. Underlining any­thing.

  15. Using monospaced fonts rather than pro­por­tional fonts.

  16. Abus­ing all caps.

  17. Think­ing that the best point size for body text is 12.

  18. Ignor­ing kerning.

  19. Ignor­ing letterspacing.

  20. Too much centered text.

  21. Only using sin­gle or dou­ble line spacing.

  22. Only using the line length per­mit­ted by one-inch page margins.