business cards

Shrink and simplify

Busi­ness cards, like caption pages, have to fit a lot of infor­ma­tion in a small area. But they often try to do too much.

For instance, the card lay­out below is fairly com­mon among law­yers. I call it the base­ball-dia­mond lay­out: infor­ma­tion is pushed out to the cor­ners, and your eye has to travel around the edge of the whole card to read every­thing.

The guid­ing prin­ci­ples with busi­ness cards are the same as with letterhead. Remove any­thing nonessen­tial. Don’t worry about the text being small—there’s not very much of it. Build the lay­out from the text out­ward. The white space will take care of itself. If you work from the edges of the card inward, you’re more likely to end up with a base­ball dia­mond.