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of its own Members, and a Majority of
each shall constitute a Quorum to do
Business; but a smaller Number may
adjourn from day to day. If you like,
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save 47% on full library (eight families)
MB Type Library$499$999$1499

Be­cause of se­cu­rity con­sid­er­a­tions, my pay­ment links do not sup­port In­ter­net Ex­plorer 11 or ear­lier. Please use a dif­fer­ent browser.

Trip­li­cate in­cludes 132 font files:
= 6 styles (reg­u­lar, italic, bold, bold italic, reg­u­lar caps, bold caps)
× 2 weight grades (A and B)
× 3 vari­ants (stan­dard, Code, and Poly)
+ 8 OT vari­ants (for pro­fes­sional page lay­out & web de­sign)
× 3 file for­mats (OTF for Mac OS, TTF for Win­dows, WOFF2 for websites)

Read the font li­cense (it’s short) or the FAQ
Li­censes can only be shared within a sin­gle or­ga­ni­za­tion or fam­ily (de­tails)
For de­tails on char­ac­ter set and Open­Type fea­tures, visit MB Type
For more than ten peo­ple, visit MB Type

Trip­li­cate is used for code sam­ples and other mono­spaced type­set­ting in this book (e.g., one space be­tween sen­tences). It’s also one of the fonts avail­able for body text in this book. (Click on the font-se­lec­tion tool­bar at the bot­tom of the page to try it.)

True, my of­fi­cial ad­vice is that in gen­eral you should avoid mono­spaced fonts. But in some cases, a mono­spaced font is the right tool for the job. So why not have a nice one?

  1. Trip­li­cate has true ital­ics, real small caps, old­style fig­ures, swash caps, box-draw­ing char­ac­ters, and other superfluities.

  2. Trip­li­cate in­cludes a Code vari­ant with char­ac­ters op­ti­mized for pro­gram­ming and ter­mi­nal win­dows (also seen in Why Racket? Why Lisp?).

    `$te_fl{1234*567~890} Reg­u­lar
    `$te_fl{1234*567~890} Code

  3. Build your own font bun­dle: your Trip­li­cate or­der will in­clude a dis­count code to get ad­di­tional fam­i­lies for $79 in­stead of $119 (1–2 per­son li­cense only). You can also up­grade any­time to the full MB Type Li­brary for the dif­fer­ence in price.

  4. Trip­li­cate has a short, plain-Eng­lish font li­cense that in­cludes per­mis­sion to use it in PDFs, web­sites, apps, and elec­tronic books. It is a one-time pay­ment, not a sub­scrip­tion.
  5. Each li­cense cov­ers mul­ti­ple peo­ple, but only within a sin­gle or­ga­ni­za­tion or fam­ily. A li­cense can­not be split among friends or ran­dom strangers. De­tails here.
  6. Trip­li­cate has no demo ver­sion, but I of­fer a 30-day re­turn op­tion: if the fonts aren’t your style, you can can­cel your li­cense for a refund.
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