The TFL fonts — designed by Matthew Butterick
Equity Concourse Triplicate Advocate
shall receive a Com­pen­sa­tion for their
Ser­vices, to be ascer­tained by Law, and
paid out of the Trea­sury of the United
States. They shall in all Cases, except

Felony, be priv­i­leged from Arrest.
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Advo­cate includes 270 font files:
= 3 weights (reg­u­lar, medium, bold)
× 3 widths (nar­row, reg­u­lar, wide)
× 2 series (sans, slab)
+ 12 cloned styles
× 3 styl­is­tic vari­ants (nor­mal, tab, mid)
× 3 file for­mats (Open­Type, True­Type-com­pat­i­ble Open­Type TT, and WOFF)

Read the font license (it’s short) or the FAQ
For details on char­ac­ter set and Open­Type fea­tures, visit MB Type
For more than ten peo­ple, visit MB Type

  1. An assertive dis­play face for letterhead, logos, and titles.

  2. Three widths and three weights, with sans and slab serif ver­sions.

  3. Short, plain-Eng­lish license.

  4. 30-day return option.