about the author

Matthew But­t­er­ick I got my degree in design and typog­ra­phy at Har­vard Uni­ver­sity. I began my career as a font designer in Boston. At the begin­ning of the Inter­net era, I started Atomic Vision, a web­site-design com­pany in San Fran­cisco. Later, I attended UCLA law school and became a mem­ber of the Cal­i­for­nia bar. In 2012, I received the Legal Writ­ing Insti­tute’s Golden Pen Award for Typog­ra­phy for Lawyers.

My other projects include Prac­ti­cal Typog­ra­phy, an online book (http://prac­ti­cal­ty­pog­ra­phy.com), the fonts Equity, Concourse, Triplicate, and Advocate, and Pollen, soft­ware for pub­lish­ing elec­tronic books (http://pol­len­pub.com).

I live in Los Ange­les with my wife Jes­sica and Roxy the boxer.

You can reach me at mb@typog­ra­phy­for­lawyers.com. I wel­come com­ments and cor­rec­tions. I do not, how­ever, dis­pense indi­vid­u­al­ized cri­tiques or rec­om­men­da­tions. Nor do I have Word tem­plates to give away. After all, the point of the book is for you to learn how to do these things your­self.

Typog­ra­phy for Lawyers is © 2008–17 Matthew But­t­er­ick. All rights reserved.

Image credits

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High­way sign in What is typography: © i­Stock­photo.com / Dou­ble_Vision. Used under license. Mod­i­fied by Matthew But­t­er­ick.

Man­ual type­writer in Type composition: © i­Stock­photo.com / slobo. Used under license.

Com­puter key­board in Type composition: © i­Stock­photo.com / Amor­phis. Used under license. Mod­i­fied by Matthew But­t­er­ick.

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Author illus­tra­tion: © 2006 Noli Novak. Used under license.