The TFL fonts — designed by Matthew Butterick
Equity Concourse Triplicate Advocate
to lay and col­lect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and
Excises, to pay the Debts and pro­vide for the
com­mon Defense and gen­eral Wel­fare of the
United States; but all Duties, Imposts and
Excises shall be uni­form through­out.
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Concourse Basic$99$139$199
Concourse Standard$179$239$359
EquityConcourse Basic$199$269$399
EquityConcourse Standard$239$319$479
EquityConcourse StandardTriplicate$299$399$599
EquityConcourse StandardTriplicate

Con­course Stan­dard includes 162 font files:
= 6 weights (light, book, medium, semi­bold, bold, black)
× 3 series (roman, italic, and caps)
+ 9 cloned styles
× 2 vari­ants (reg­u­lar and Tab, with tab­u­lar fig­ures as the defaults)
× 3 file for­mats (Open­Type, True­Type-com­pat­i­ble Open­Type TT, and WOFF)

Con­course Basic includes 72 font files:
= 3 weights (book, semi­bold, and bold)
× 3 series (roman, italic, and caps)
+ 3 cloned styles
× 2 vari­ants (reg­u­lar and Tab)
× 3 file for­mats (Open­Type, Open­Type TT, and WOFF)

Read the font license (it’s short) or the FAQ
For details on char­ac­ter set and Open­Type fea­tures, visit MB Type
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  1. A sans serif com­pan­ion for Equity suit­able for text and dis­play uses.

  2. Six weights in the Stan­dard pack­age, with real ital­ics and small caps for every weight. It includes old­style and tab­u­lar alternate figures.

  3. The Basic pack­age includes the three weights most use­ful for legal draft­ing.

  4. Sep­a­rate caps fonts, which con­tain real small caps and already include my rec­om­mended letterspacing.

  5. Short, plain-Eng­lish license.

  6. 30-day return option.