Concourse Index

Here at Ty­pog­ra­phy for Lawyers you may have no­ticed the snazzy num­bered list bullets:

  1. Like

  2. These

  3. Here

These are pro­vided by a spe­cial font called Con­course In­dex that I de­rived from my Con­course fam­ily. With Open­Type lig­a­tures ac­ti­vated, you get dou­ble digits:

  1. From eleven

  1. To forty-two

  1. And fifty-six

  1. Through ninety-nine

The de­fault fig­ures are in­side white cir­cles. Other styles are in­cluded as Open­Type fea­tures:

  1. With styl­is­tic set 1, you get white squares.

  1. With styl­is­tic set 2, black circles.

  1. And with styl­is­tic set 3, black squares.

This font is too triv­ial to charge for. So you can down­load it for free.

Yes I am. However—

  1. By down­load­ing, you agree to abide by the terms of my stan­dard font license.

  2. This is not an open-source font. Mean­ing: you can’t re­dis­trib­ute copies (be­yond what’s per­mit­ted in my li­cense) or use it as the ba­sis of de­riv­a­tive works.

  3. I can’t of­fer sup­port for Con­course In­dex un­less you’re a paid cus­tomer of one of my other fonts.

Down­load Con­course In­dex (<200k zip file)

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