Times New Roman alternativesYou can do better

It’s not that Times New Ro­man is a bad font. It’s just that you can and should do bet­ter (for why, see the next page). Eq­uity is a text fam­ily I de­signed for law­yers. It fits as much text on the page as Times New Ro­man, but adds heft and au­thor­ity (and a much bet­ter italic). It’s used for body text in this book. As its name sug­gests, Tiem­pos bor­rows some vi­sual cues from Times New Ro­man, but adds a con­tem­po­rary open­ness. Verdi­gris has the clas­sic good looks of a let­ter­press book type­face, but with ex­tra sparkle and elegance.

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