No superscripts

Ordi­nals are num­bers that express posi­tion in a series. By default, your word proces­sor will con­vert ordi­nals into super­scripts.

Super­scripted ordi­nals have two prob­lems. First, ordi­nals turn up most often in cita­tions. The Blue­book and other cita­tion author­i­ties for­bid super­scripted ordi­nals (e.g., Blue­book rule 6.2(b)(i) (20th ed. 2015)). Sec­ond, super­scripted ordi­nals are tiny and hard to read.

The best prac­tice is to avoid super­scripted ordi­nals. To do this, you have to adjust your word proces­sor’s default behav­ior.