foot and inch marksUse straight quotes, not curly

Foot and inch marks—also known as minute and sec­ond marks or prime and dou­ble prime marks, de­pend­ing on what they’re la­bel­ing—are not curly. Use straight quotes for these marks.

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'foot mark'''
"inch mark"""

“But back in straight and curly quotes, you told me to turn on smart quotes. So now, when I try to type foot and inch marks, they come out curly, not straight.” A fair point.

How to override smart quotes

WordType the foot or inch mark, which will come out curly, and then press the key com­mand for Undo. The curly mark will be­come straight.

Word­Per­fectNo spe­cial ac­tion nec­es­sary. Af­ter num­bers, Word­Per­fect over­rides smart quotes and in­serts straight quotes.

Ty­pog­ra­phy purists would point out that proper foot and inch marks have a slight north­east-to-south­west slope to them. 

–118° 19′ 36.9″purity

True, but those char­ac­ters aren’t avail­able in many fonts. So straight quotes are the most re­li­able tools for the job.

–118° 19’ 36.9”wrong
–118° 19' 36.9"close enough

You can ital­i­cize the straight quotes if you want an even bet­ter ap­prox­i­ma­tion of sloped foot and inch marks.

–118° 19' 36.9"bonus points

Tread care­fully if foot and inch marks ap­pear within quoted material.

She’s 6’ 10”.”wrong
"She's 6’ 10”."hopeless
She’s 6' 10".”right
by the way
  • A non­break­ing space in the mid­dle of a foot-and-inch mea­sure­ment will pre­vent an awk­ward line­break like 6'
    , and en­sure that you get 6' 10".

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