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designerMatthew Butterick
publisherMB Type
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Eq­ui­ty in­cludes 48 font files:
= 6 styles (reg­u­lar, ital­ic, bold, bold ital­ic, reg­u­lar caps, bold caps)
× 2 weight grades (A and B)
× 2 vari­ants (reg­u­lar and Tab, with tab­u­lar fig­ures as the de­faults)
× 2 file for­mats (Open­Type, and True­Type-com­pat­i­ble Open­Type TT)

Read the font license (it’s short) or the FAQ
For more than 20 people, email mb@mbtype.com


Introducing Equity, a text font I’ve designed, inspired by legal typography and the needs of legal writers.

And yes, you can get it now—use the links above to check out through PayPal (no PayPal account needed, just a credit card). The fonts will be delivered to you by email within minutes.

Also available: Concourse, a companion sans serif for Equity. If you’re interested in getting them together at a discount, head over to that page.

Equity is modeled on one of my favorite fonts of the 1930s, Monotype Ehrhardt. Like Times New Roman, Ehrhardt was made under the supervision of Stanley Morison. Morison’s goal was a handsome face in the Janson style, but with the space-saving features that had made Times New Roman such a hit. So Equity is rooted in the virtues of classic, elegant letterpress typography.

For the legal writer, Equity includes many conveniences that make great typography easy. Equity has been designed to perform well on office printers. Equity comes with regular and bold Caps fonts, which contain real small caps, and which are already letterspaced according to my recommendations. Equity comes with two weight “grades”—an A series and B series—so you can pick the set that looks just right on your printer. You can embed Equity in word-processing documents so your collaborators (up to 20) can view and edit your document with its original formatting. Of course, you can use Equity in PDFs. You can even use Equity on websites and in e-books.

Can you use it for court filings? If your court rules allow it, sure. I’ve already used Equity on filings for California state appellate courts. Because it’s darker than most text fonts, Equity works nicely with double-spaced lines, which are often required by court rules.

Equity has no “demo” version, but I do offer a 30-day return option: if the fonts aren’t your style, you can cancel your license and get a refund.

If you need to expand your license to cover more people in your firm, the upgrade cost is just the difference in price between the licenses.

To paraphrase Lee Iacocca—if you can find a better font for legal work, buy it.

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