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designerMatthew Butterick
publisherMB Type
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Concourse Basic = 3 weights, 9 unique styles, 12 fonts
Concourse Standard = 6 weights, 18 unique styles, 27 fonts
See type specimen for details

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Introducing Concourse, a sans serif family that takes inspiration from the great geometric sans serifs of the 1930s, but that doesn’t skimp on versatility, warmth, or personality.

And yes, you can get it here at TFL—use the links above to check out through PayPal (no PayPal account needed, just a credit card). The fonts will be delivered to you by email within minutes.

Concourse was originally intended to be a revival of Metro, an underrated sans serif of the the early 1930s. (Metro was also the first typeface by future type-design hero William A. Dwiggins.)

But when I revisited samples of Metro, I realized that even though there was much I still liked about it, there was just as much that seemed dated and uneven. Concourse needed to go its own way. And it did.

Concourse comes in six weights, with real italics and small caps for every weight. It includes oldstyle and tabular figures. And … why are you reading this, when you could be looking at the far more interesting PDF type specimen, or the editable online type specimen?

If you have my text face Equity, you’ll find that Concourse makes a great sans serif companion. You can buy them together at a discount.

As with Equity, Concourse has no “demo” version, but I do offer a 30-day return option: if the fonts aren’t your style, you can cancel your license and get a refund.